Lower your monthly bills and have more left over every month for your family and the things you enjoy!

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Hello Homeowners!

Are you tired of living month to month and spending too much of your income on basic essential services and bills?

Are you ready to save on your monthly bills and have more money left over at the end of the month for the things you love?

Hello, my name is Tom Burns,

Welcome to my U-Neek.Global website!  

I am a broker and consultant of unique essential service-monthly bills.  It would be my pleasure to help reduce your monthly expenditures.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a free consultation...all I will ask is to look at your monthly statements.  All the services I render you is at no cost to you.

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  Cell Phone SERVICE Business - Ownership

Save on your monthly Cell Phone Bill!

Get unlimited GB Data plan for under $80/month!

Eliminate additional charges and fees that other providers add to everyone's statements, including yours

No Contract...Keep your phone and number while using towers from the major companies

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Call for a complimentary consultation ($100 Value) today

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Call for a complimentary consultation ($100 Value) today

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